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Wisemans Ferry Anzac Day service

Students at the community Anzac Day service

Thank you to all students who attended the Anzac Day service in Wisemans Ferry on April 25. In all the years that I have been attending this service with our students, I can definitely say that this year we had the greatest number of students attend this important event. Our students marched proudly and sang the national anthem beautifully as part of the choir on the day.

Well done to Maddison and Darcy who led our team of students during the march. To Maddison, who was responsible for raising the flag, and to our student representative council (SRC) members who laid wreaths. I am extremely proud of each and every student. I'd also like to thank our parents, who were responsbile for transporting our students to Wisemans Ferry and ensuring that they were dressed in full school uniform.